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Email the PCA Executive Committee

President: Chris Matthy

Vice-President: Frank Ross

Secretary-Treasurer: John Niehaus

Webmaster: John Niehaus

Editor of The Villager

Coordinator of the Trader Page

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The PCA maintains a Yahoo email group.



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Photo Contributions

If you have some interesting photos to fill in our blanks, or to replace some existing images, we would be very happy to receive copies.

As an absolute minimum the photos should be no smaller than 1500 pixels wide and at a resolution of no lower than 150dpi. Images can be in JPEG (saved at maximum quality). Larger images at a higher resolution are preferred to allow for cropping and editing. (PNG or Photoshop images are acceptable, but not required).

Full details will be forthcoming on how to set up your shots with regard to views, backgrounds, boxes, etc. In the meantime please email us.