as of 11/1/2010


  1. Annual dues shall be set by the Executive Committee, in U.S. funds, payable in advance, and as scheduled on the current membership application.
  2. Dues for the upcoming calendar year are payable November 1.


  1. All members accepted before May 1, 2001 are Charter Members.
  2. Member classifications: an Active Member is any person in good standing interested in promoting the purpose of this Association. Active members are entitled to all Association privileges, including the right to vote on Association business. A Suspended Member is any person whose membership has been suspended for nonpayment of dues or by the Executive Committee, is no longer in good standing and may not vote with active members on any issue.
  3. Applications for membership shall be filed with the secretary-treasurer.
  4. The secretary-treasurer will publish the proposed member's name, city and state to all members in good standing in the edition of the club newsletter immediately following receipt of the application. If no objections to the membership application are made known to the secretary-treasurer within the time specified in that newsletter, membership will be approved. Objections will be sent to the Executive Committee for review and final membership decision.
  5. Resignations shall be effective upon written notice to the secretary-treasurer, provided that all dues have been paid.
  6. Any member who shows by action or deed that he does not intend to further the best interests of the Association may be expelled by the Executive Committee; however, the member shall have the right to appeal to the membership. A final decision will be made upon a simple majority vote of all votes received by the secretary-treasurer within 30 calendar days of the appeal.
  7. Dues delinquent at the time of mailing of the first newsletter of the year shall automatically suspend membership. A member suspended for nonpayment of dues shall be automatically reinstated upon payment of his/her dues.


  1. Nominations for officers for the forthcoming year shall be made to the President, commencing with a call for nominations in the August edition of the Association newsletter.
  2. All nominations must be received by the President by October 15 and communicated to the Secretary-Treasurer by October 31.
  3. Nominees for any office must be active members in good standing with nominees for the office of Secretary-Treasurer being bondable.
  4. The secretary-treasurer shall prepare a ballot listing the nominees for each office. The ballot shall be included in the November edition of Association newsletter. The ballot shall be sent by US mail to all ePCA members in good standing in conjunction with the mailing of the November edition of the newsletter. Should a single nomination be received for any or all open offices, the Executive Committee will have the option to accept the nominee, or slate of nominees, and to waive the election process.
  5. All ballots received by December 31 will be counted. Results will be tallied by the secretary-treasurer and certified by the Executive Committee.
  6. Once the results have been certified, the President shall communicate to all members the results of the election in his/her column in the February edition of the newsletter.
  7. The Executive Committee, upon a unanimous vote by said committee, may suspend the creation and distribution of ballots provided the sole nominations for all positions are incumbent officers.
  8. The new officers shall be installed on January 1.


  1. The President shall preside at the meetings (via chat, e-mail, or in person) of the Association and the Executive Committee; appoint other committees as necessary, and further the welfare of the Association, to the best of his/her ability.
  2. The Vice President shall serve in the absence of the President, act on the responsibilities of the office set out in these bylaws, attend to other duties as directed by the President or Executive Committee, and further the welfare of the Association, to the best of his/her ability.
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep records of all meetings, business, membership, handle correspondence, make necessary reports, collect, deposit, and draw all Association money, under the direction of the Executive Committee, and attend to such other duties as directed.
  4. All officers shall have the right to vote with active members and to debate questions the same as any other member.


  1. Regular meetings shall be held at such time and place, as the Executive Committee shall designate.
  2. Special meetings may be called upon three days notice by the Executive Committee.


  1. Members in good standing, equal to one-fourth (1/4) of the total membership, shall constitute a quorum for any regular or special meeting called of the Association.
  2. A majority of any committee shall constitute a quorum for any committee business.


  1. These by-laws may be suspended by unanimous consent at any meeting.
  2. The by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the total membership in good standing.


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