Did You Ever Notice?

Interesting Features of Various Plastic Village Items

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Color Me Crazy!

— Glenn Bowman

See Glenn's pictures below for a mind-boggling array of color variations that you may have never considered, or at least may have never given much thought to.

There are many normal variations of colors for the schoolhouse roofs, and New England ranch house roofs. There are examples of pastel variations compared to non-pastel similars that are usually lumped together with the pastels; variations of the police department roofs, and variations of the red accessories for the police department AND, for you real collectors, we have an example of the difference between a "turquoise" ranch house and the truly rare "aqua" ranch house!

A little something for everyone here. Enjoy!


Assorted New England Ranch House Roof Colors.


Nine variations of Schoolhouse Roof Colors.


Turquoise, blue and aqua ranches.


Pastel blue and light blue Capes.


Pastel blue and light blue ranches.


Yellow ranches: the difference in the yellows doesn't show up particularly well here, but it does exist.


Police Department roofs showing color and antenna base variations. The roof on the right is "shinier," has the convex base and is later than the example on the left.


Police Department doorway with dull and shiny red variations. Shiny red is in the doorway and on the right (small base). Dull red is on offset and on the left (earlier).