Plasticville Price Guides

There are three plastic village price guides available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here's a brief description of them and information on how to find them.

Plasticville: An Illustrated Price Guide

Plasticville: An Illustrated Price Guide published by Iron Horse Productions. Three editions were printed, the first in 1981, the second in 1989, and the third in 1993. These guides contain general information, such as the names of all buildings made, black and white pictures, catalog numbers, and color variations. They each include pricing information as well. In addition to Plasticville, this series also provides information on Littletown, Marx, Skyline, Lionel Plasticville and Storytown. Prices and pictures are available only for individual items and not boxed sets or special items.

These guides are out of print, but can occasionally be found on eBay.

Bill Nole's Classic Guide to Vintage "O" Plasticville

Bill Nole's Classic Guide to Vintage "O" Plasticville. Published in 2002, this guide includes basic information for all items (catalog numbers and color variations) and includes extended information for a number of items. This guide includes color pictures and pricing information for items in various conditions (mint, like new boxed, no box, glued). There is also lots of interesting information about the history of Plasticville, rare items, boxes, and more. Additionally, this guide includes information on Storytown, Make 'N' Play, King Distributing Plasticville and Lionel Plasticville (it does not include information on Littletown, Skyline, Marx, or K-Line).

Contact Bill directly for more information either by email or his website.

Plastic Village Gazette's Pocket Price Guide

The Plastic Village Gazette Pocket Price Guide by Mike Cedro, published in 2001, is exactly as its name implies. This is a pocket size guide whose focus is on prices. There is a listing of items and catalog numbers as well as prices for various conditions (mint, excellent no box, and fair/good). There are small illustrations, but no pictures. The guide also includes information on Littletown, Marx, Skyline, K-Line, Ideal, King Distributing Plasticville and Connecticut Hobbies, but does not include Storytown.

Email Mike Cedro for more information.