Plasticville Versus Other Manufacturers

Here is some very basic information regarding Plasticville, Littletown, Marx, Skyline, and K-Line plastic buildings:


Plasticville products have always been produced by Bachmann Brothers Inc. (now known as Bachmann Industries). Bachmann was founded in 1833, but did not begin producing plastic train related products until 1947 with the introduction of a picket fence. Plasticville can be identified by either an impression of Plasticville or the letters BB on a banner within a circle.


Littletown gets a little confusing because it seems that two companies made these products. The first is Unlimited Plastics. You often find Unlimited Plastics, Inc. inside Littletown pieces. The second is Banner Plastics of Paterson, NJ. While Bachmann bought out Unlimited Plastics in or before 1956, I don't know how Banner fits into the picture. Bachmann reintroduced some Littletown items under the Plasticville name such as the Colonial Mansion and the Bungalow. The Apartment House, Motel, and Playground Equipment are also original Littletown designs.


Produced by Skyline Manufacturing of Philadelphia, there were only three plastic buildings produced. One Church, and 2 houses. I'm not sure if this is the same company that produced the cardboard and wood building kits but it seems reasonable since the name is the same and both companies were located in Philadelphia. Also produced tin structures.

Eventually I will have a list of plastic Skyline pieces and pictures. If you have more information, please let us know.


Marx was the King of all toy manufacturer's at one time.


K-Line apparently bought the molds for the Marx plastic buildings at some point (before or after the demise of Marx, I don't know). K-Line always seems to get the short end of the stick with few people having interest in it. I would be more than happy to list any information that someone might want to provide.

Canadian Plasticville:

Produced by Frank Martin Company Limited, Toronto, Canada, or the George W. Endress Company. These appear to have been produced under license from Bachmann because they are actual Plasticville pieces, hence derived from the same molds, but only have Plasticville and not Plasticville, USA in the advertising, and on the boxes. A Plasticville fan from Canada sent me photocopies of the boxes he has.