Frequently Asked Questions

History of the PCA

The Plasticville Collectors Association was officially incorporated in the State of Iowa as of 08/30/01. Most PCA information and functions are through this official Plasticville Collectors Association website. However, if you know someone without internet access who would like to become a member, please email us.

I'd like to join the PCA!

We'd love to have you! Here are the details...

What is the PCA doing now, and what are the plans for the future?

We envision the PCA as the primary source of information for all things Plasticville. We currently address information requests from writers and reporters, and finalized a version of grading standards for Plasticville items, boxes, and paper. We also have a draft Guide to Plasticville boxes. Pricing and a price guide are appropriate, but with the availability of the Pocket Price Guide and Bill Nole's Classic Guide to O Plasticville, I don't think that there is an immediate need for the PCA to address this issue. The PCA has started and will continue regular communications with Bachmann and will make our opinions made known to them on the topic of re-issues, etc.

Who's in charge?

Our Officers are listed in our contact section. Decisions are made by the Executive Committee, which includes the current officers, Immediate Past-President and Founder Joe Kutza. You can take a look at our by-laws or email our President for more info.

The Plasticville Awareness Program

  • Bachmann did not buy out Plasticville. Bachmann Industries in Philadelphia has been around since 1833 and has produced Plasticville products since 1947.
  • Postwar Plasticville: All Plasticville is Postwar! Plasticville was first produced in 1947 (World War II ended in 1945).
  • Hangar, as in "Airport Hangar" is spelled "hangar" and not "hanger."
  • Repo part or Repro part? I say "repro" what does "repo" mean? That is was not paid for and repossessed?

More Questions?

Email the President!