Cancer Warning Label

This label is required by California Proposition 65 on all products that may contain a known carcinogen:


The following information is Bachmann's (Plasticville's) response to inquiries regarding this warning label:

California requires that the notice be added to products that contain any one of a list of 600+ substances, so the warning appears on literally thousands of products that are sold in California by manufacturers in a wide range of fields. The listed substances can change from day to day, so manufacturers may choose to put the label on all products that might be sold in California just in case one of the substances is added to the list.

Please be assured ALL of our products meet or exceed all U.S. Federal safety standards and are sold in every state of the country. We are sure you will get many safe years of enjoyment from your Plasticville® U.S.A. buildings.

We value your business and, above all, your safety!

Please contact Mr D. Blaine from Bachmann Industries Inc. for further information with regard to this matter.